Simple, Yet Profound

Confession: I’m a sucker for a good quote.

There are many simple, yet profound sayings that just get to me. They may differ in form – a snippit from a book, a song lyric, a poem – but what they all have in common is that they have elicited an immediate “Yes!” feeling in me. 

Take for example the quote … Live, laugh, love. I like the cadence, the alliteration, the succinct, wise command. 

But yuck – it’s too cliché! What is it about such an over-used and over-marketed saying that can inspire someone like me with a passion for all things off-the-beaten-path?

You’d have to see me with my kids to really get it.

When I look at them, I see …

Kate ~ so full of life,

Jake ~ an infinite source laughter, and

Jenna ~ who fills the world with love.

LIVE.  Kate has navigated difficulty and change with a beautiful disposition and flair. She is resilient. She’s been through more in her short life than most adults have in a lifetime, yet she has not let it define her. Kate embraces life with raw enthusiasm.

LAUGH.  Rarely do I pick up Jake from … well, anywhere … that I am not met with, “Oh, Jake said the FUNNIEST thing …”  He protests when I’m sharing his latest antic, “Moooommmmm, stop talking about how cute I am!” I am often confused by, but always utterly charmed by his boyness.

LOVE.  Jenna loves everything. The simple things in life enchant her. She is radiant with her kind heart and big eyes that sparkle. Every. Single. Day.  Jennabug.  Buggalicious. Buggadelicious. We love you loving us.

I am genuinely happy to be sharing my life with these kiddos – hitching a ride on their boisterous energy. Raising my kids is my highest priority and I gladly make the sacrifices it takes to put them first.

The interesting thing about parenting is that it is an awe-inspiring adventure; yet unpredictable, demanding, and TOUGH at the same time! I’m often caught between the call to care for them and the need to care for myself. Carl Jung’s words, “Nothing has a more disturbing influence on children than the unlived life of a parent” are so true.

I want so much to give my children a “normal” life.  Yet, we are not normal. And what is normal, anyway? Kids don’t care about normal. They’re only interested in making the most of each moment, while we as parents try to string the moments together into a preconceived picture of the “perfect” life.

My family is a living example that life doesn’t always turn out as we plan. So instead of wasting precious energy trying to make life “normal”, I vow to make it as life-filled and significant as I can.

My children need me to lead the way. So, I’m getting out there. I’m bravely taking steps on the tightrope of being the best mother I can be, while continuing to pursue my dreams. Amazingly, I am happier and more content than I imagined I could be … and so are the kids!  Funny how that works, huh?

We are The Hauser Bubble.

We’re in it together.

We will continue to Live, Laugh, Love.

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